At a glance

En+ Group is a leading vertically integrated aluminium producer

We are unique among global natural resources companies. Our business advantage stems from the full integration of world-class hydroelectricity assets that reliably and sustainably supply our aluminium smelters. In turn, our substantial production capabilities make us the largest aluminium producer outside of China.

With a well-established presence across five continents and a strong operational hub in Siberia, the Group is able to capture opportunities arising from its world class assets and scale. The Group’s Metals segment has a well-diversified sales platform which allows it to efficiently access and operate in all key aluminium markets including the United States, Western Europe, Japan and South East Asia. The Group has a world-class market research and analytics platform which provides valuable input to the Group’s long-term operational and financial planning. At the same time, the Group operates the largest and the most cost-efficient electricity-generating network in the Siberian region, which allows it to efficiently and reliably cater to its core clients in Siberia, including the largest smelters operated by our Metals segment.