Business model

The Group benefits from its unique base of tightly-integrated assets

Our closely integrated assets are located in close proximity to each other, enabling the Group to establish its global leadership in aluminium production efficiency.

Our Metals segment has an annual production capacity of 3.9 mmt of aluminium (as of 2018 data), making En+ Group the largest aluminium producer in the world (ex-China).

The composition of the Group’s assets and operations, both in terms of the industries and concentrated location in which the Group operates, enables En+ Group to achieve strategic synergies.   

The Group’s scale allows it to actively manage the flow of aluminium products, alumina and other raw materials within the Group and proactively plan the Group’s electricity production and consumption targets. This enables the Group to optimise capacity utilisation and maximise efficiency at its smelters, refineries and generating assets.

The Group has a number of competitive strengths that have enabled it to expand significantly over the last several years, and that these strengths will continue to provide it with competitive advantages in the future.

Vertically integrated green business model

Unique asset base and operational excellence contributing to cost leadership

Strong cash flow generation

Upside potential from multiple catalysts