Metals segment

The Metals segment1 of En+ Group produces approximately 5.8% of global aluminium output, thus making the Group the largest global aluminium producer outside of China

Our Metals segment’s operations include the extraction and refinement of bauxite into alumina and the production and sale of primary aluminium, alumina and related products. Core smelting operations of the Metals segment, are located in Siberia, in close proximity to the Group’s power plants. Metals segment’s aluminium smelters are major consumers of the power produced by the Power segment.

The Metals segment currently has an annual aluminium production capacity of 3.9 million metric tonnes, due to increase by over 1 million metric tonnes with the construction of the Taishet smelter and the expansion of the Boguchansk smelter, part of the Boguchansk Energy and Metals Complex (BEMO) in Siberia.

The Company is fully self-sufficient in alumina capacity with potential to additionally supply to third parties, and about 75% self-sufficient in bauxites and nephelines.

The Group’s primary aluminium production for the year ended 31 December 2018 demonstrates a slight increase (up 1.2% year-on-year) compared to the previous year, totalling 3,753 million tonnes. RUSAL’s total attributable alumina output was 7,774 thousand tonnes in 2018 and 7,773 thousand tonnes in 2017. The Group’s total attributable bauxite output was 13,847 thousand tonnes in 2018, up from 11,645 thousand tonnes in 2017.

Our Metals segment strives to achieve leadership in operational efficiency and is already among the three most cost-effective aluminium producers in the world. In-house R&D, engineering and design capabilities enable the Metals segment to develop new technologies that help to streamline production and cut capital and operation costs.

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1 Throughout 2018, En+ Group held a strategic 48.1% shareholding in RUSAL which allows the exercise of corporate control. In January 2019, En+ Group’s stake in RUSAL grew to 50.12% as a result of a swap transaction with Glencore. The transfer of an additional 6.75% of RUSAL shares to En+ Group is scheduled for no later than February 2020.
2 Bauxite output data was:
- calculated based on the pro-rata share of the Company’s ownership in corresponding bauxite mines and mining complexes. The total production of the Company’s fully consolidated subsidiary, Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc., is included in the production figures, notwithstanding that minority interests in each of these subsidiaries are held by third parties
- reported as wet weight (including moisture).
3Ten aluminium smelters currently in operation