Power segment

The Power segment of En+ Group is one of the largest independent power companies in Russia in terms of installed power capacity and the largest independent hydro power generator globally

The Group’s power generation assets are located in the east Siberian and Volga regions, and the Company is engaged in all major areas of the Russian power industry: electricity and heat generation; electricity, capacity, and heat sales; heat distribution; retail energy trading and supply; engineering services; and electricity distribution and transmission.

The Group operates generating assets with 19.61 GW of installed electricity capacity, 15.1 GW of which are low-carbon hydro power generation, and 15.5 Gcal/h of installed heat capacity.

As at 31 December 2018, 77% of the Group’s installed electricity capacity was represented by HPPs, with the remaining 22.9% was accounted for by CHPs and one solar plant.

The Power segment produced 73.2 TWh2 of electricity in 2018, representing 6.8% of Russia’s total electricity generation and 34.7% of the total electricity generation within the Siberian IES for the period.

Hydro power generation

Abakan Solar Power Plant

Combined heat and power plants


Electricity transmission and distribution

Our Power segment is investing in R&D in the energy sector; this includes development of new types of perovskite-based solar panels.
En+ Group’s Power segment is a member of the Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership, a non-profit organization whose members are the world’s leading electricity companies, supplying energy to over 1.2 billion customers.
1 As of 31.12.2017
2 Excluding Onda HPP, leased to UC RUSAL